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They may grow up more quickly both physically and psychologically than girls with siblings.

The relationship partner must figure out whether she’s more like an autocratic first born or a pampered last born, this will help him maintain proper balance in the relationship.

By appreciating the uniqueness of his relationship, he can enjoy it fully.Most importantly, it determines how the child will see the world, how will he expect the world to treat him, how he will treat others. This can lead to frustration and conflicts at interpersonal level.The only child occupies a special position in the family. In these cases the potential of misunderstandings is unlimited.He must understand that the female cannot fully adhere to the same standards that he set for himself. He must feel pride in being responsible for himself and his lady.She may be sensitive or dependable and have tendency to proceed slowly in relationship but one must not forget that she will always be ready to sacrifice for him.

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When a last born is in a relationship with only born female, he needs to understand that instead of expecting her to take charge or blaming her when things go wrong, he must explore how it feels to accept complete responsibility for things, not only with major decisions but with the smaller chores of daily living.

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