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In attempting to avoid or soothe their anxiety, AD children typically become hypervigilant and frequently visually check in with parents, by means of a quick glance, much as toddlers do.

Avoiding their annihilation anxiety altogether, which is overwhelmingly intolerable in its own right, drives AD children’s need for control and practically everything else discussed in this handout.

As the attachment figure becomes increasingly valued, fear of loss of the love of this figure predominates.

With toddlerhood comes a new anxiety: fear of loss of bodily integrity.

Different emotions are seen as the deadliest for different children; for some it is shame; for others it is sadness; for others it is rage; and for others still, it is anxiety.As a result, they are always searching out their environments for external resources to “validate” or “prop up” their sense of existing.This validation is obtained by getting others to interact with, or attend to, them in some way.Beyond this, AD children grant themselves the power to define reality itself.It is this belief that allows them to deny a misdeed that an adult caught them in the middle of performing.

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