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Any leather type whip or most any cloth thing can be electrified by wetting it and attaching a live electric wire to it and attaching a grounding wire to the wet gimp to be whipped. I'm talking about using safe electric shock devices like Kink's Wired Pussy uses of course. It only conducts electricity if there are ions in the water, usually from salts.

Thank you Gimpers for the responses to my whip shocking question. Dan Hawke: I may be mistaken but I seem to recall that you were thinking of posting some stills from your catalog of movies. Pure (destilled) water is actually an insulator, so there will be no conduction unless there is something in the water that provides the conductivity.

When a guy approaches to find out what the hell is going on, she smiles, and offers the rope and her wrists to him so he can fix her up just right. Cut to her standing spread-eagle with crotch rope; same with feet suspended off the ground; now the ankles raised to wrist height, putting her pussy front and center; finally, inverted spread-eagle, naked at last, with a gag (at last!

Yes, Amy is on the correct track if she wants to move up the ladder. Kelderek wrote: I'm not sure that would work that well...

After her beating she gets her bruised breasts thoroughly mashed, and Sharon still won’t sign. When she is securely seated, the guy pulls out a wire breast harness and Sharon knows what’s coming -- first-rate breast bondage.

By the time those tits get cinched up, they're all hard and swollen and distorted. Makes you want to try it out on your Honey (volume permitting).

If so, I would love to see some of the pics of Victoria Vega and Tyler Scot. Drinking water from your tap always has a certain amount of salts dissolved in it, therefore it is mildly conductive.

Sea water can conduct electricity 100-1000 times better than regular tap water due to higher salinity.

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