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Mere fertility is not enough; a man must be virile, filled with stamina and vigor.Anything else, even if he is a genius, champion athlete or master artist, renders him less of a man.They could live longer if they worked less, but they are providers first, human beings second.

It’s reasonable to think no sane person would willingly use these substances. Self-medication for depression, escapism from a hopeless life, gaining the competitive edge in sports or work…That brings us back to the original question: Why don’t men use condoms?In the face of AIDS spread, numerous other unsightly or life-threatening STDs, and the well documented risks of unplanned fatherhood, why don’t men all just slip on a rubber every morning, you know, for when the time comes?Either they’re not getting lucky, or they’re just not listening.In other regions, results of condom-drives are even spottier, to the point that the World Health Organization has begun campaigns of mass adult male circumcision in hopes of reducing HIV infections, but with mixed results.

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Drug usage isn’t a sickness, it is a symptom, just like men’s unwillingness to use condoms is not an example of male irresponsibility, but a symptom of a twisted view on male sexuality.

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