In the 19 s dating be far more casual

When he was 20, Strache was arrested for taking part in a march organised by a banned neo-Nazi movement modelled on the Hitler Youth.

He has also been accused of thinly veiled anti-Semitism.

The book claims he used to order his underlings to address him as 'Gauleiter' — the term for the regional Nazi boss during Hitler's rule — while one of his closest allies is accused of wanting to restore the Nazi Anschluss, the Austro-German 'union'.Anti-Islam has a long history in Austria, from 1683 when the Turks besieged Vienna.And recently decades of migration from Turkey has changed the make-up of Vienna and other big cities with the growth of what the FPO describe as 'Muslim ghettos' populated by 'jihadists'.Austrian Foreign Minister and leader of the conservative Austrian Peoples Party (Oe VP) Sebastian Kurz and his girlfriend Susanne Thier leave after casting their ballot in Austrian parliamentary elections on October 15, 2017 in Vienna, Austria When the election was called in May, Kurz seized his opportunity to makeover the OVP in his own image.The traditional colour black was dumped in favour of turquoise and it developed into a 'movement' centred around this leader who lived up to his nickname of Wunderwuzzi (boy who can perform miracles) with a pitch-perfect campaign that persuaded Austrians, especially the young voters, that he could deliver change.

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