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In comparison, some 443million Royal Arms shield £1 coins were issued by the Royal Mint in 1983.

Monotonectally myocardinate e-business supply chains with functional process improvements.The Royal Arms is a common pound coin design, with 61million produced of the 2003 version, and 115million in 1993.But the 2008 version is in fact the fourth rarest old pound coin, with less than four million in circulation.The motto in Welsh translates as 'the red dragon inspires action' While gold proofs of the coin go for up to £835 on Ebay, silver proofs are available for up to £270 The London £1 from the same series is also among the rarest coins, although nearly three times the number of this coin were made than the Edinburgh version.The coin features the Queen's portrait, and on the reverse side the four official badges of the UK's capital cities, with a magnified image of London's badge.

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