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In court, the band persuades the judge to let them stay by performing, whilst Howard is fined ,000.To raise the money, he tries to sell the statue, which crumbles around him.Howard loses S Club, in a card game, to his cousin Hank, who runs the nearby Sunset Sands Hotel, which seems to resemble what their agent in England promised them.As Hank treats the band worse than Howard, the band begin to realise that working for Howard isn't as bad as they had thought.It was created and partially written by Kim Fuller, who also created and wrote the Spice Girls' film Spiceworld: The Movie.Following a breakdown that happened on the CBBC's Channel launch day, 11 February 2002, at around 6.25pm, the planned episode was not shown.Instead of singing and performing, the gang have to work as hotel employees, rather than as full-time performers.When Howard does ask the group to sing, his choice of song is not from their original songs and is not their musical style.

He returns home disappointed, but it appears he's taken his new-found metrosexuality a bit too seriously. They're also given a volleyball lesson by some locals, who turn out to be workers at Howard's cousin Hank's hotel.As the storm rages, the gang discover Howard has taken shelter in the basement, and persuade him that the hurricane has passed.The gang are excited to hear that the head of EMI Records is staying at the hotel.With a hurricane on the way, Howard leaves Paul in charge of the hotel and the Hawaiian Luau party he's planned for its guests.Unfortunately, Paul becomes extremely bossy and forces the group to wear grass skirts.

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