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"CROSS COUNTRY CALL GIRL RING" (THE GABOR'S) Introduction: In the 1980's and 1990's, "The Gabor," call girl ring (led by Jimi Starr-top photo) had celebrities, politicians and athletes on lockdown in Hollywood, San Francisco, Miami, Seattle, Las Vegas and New York. In complete disgust, the trick continued to scream. Source: "Pimp Tales," by: James Robinson BUMPY JOHNSON: Drug kingpin Frank Lucas (who Denzel Washington will be portraying in the upcoming film, American Gangster) says- Ellsworth "Bumpy" Johnson (above, very top photo, front) the most famous of all Harlem gangsters, saved my life. Red, he was a tall motherfucker, clean, with a hat. After the party Bumpy gave me the earrings and said he never wanted to see them again. Quinones Miller *The following is an excerpt from Mayme Johnson's upcoming book, "Harlem Godfather: The Rap On My Husband Ellsworth "Bumpy Johnson," by Mayme Johnson and Karen E. It wasn’t unusual for a gunshot victim to be wheeled into the operating room of Sydenham Hospital in Harlem in 1952. The man who, according to legend, almost single-handedly fought the infamous Jewish hoodlum Dutch Schultz when that notorious madman tried to take over the Harlem numbers rackets.

Mike is also an alleged pimp with a stable of 20 women. Back then, if you wanted to do business in Harlem, you paid Bumpy or you died. Everyone had to pay -- except the mom-and-pop stores." With Bumpy, Frank caught a glimpse of the big time. Allegedly, some said Carol was a naive middle class girl and everybody was worried Ward was going to send her out on the street.

Inside the car, Walton said, agents found a .44 Magnum semi- automatic pistol loaded with exploding bullets, a .357 Magnum revolver, a .38 caliber revolver, a .32 caliber semi-automatic pistol and a 12-gauge shotgun. records of various narcotics transactions." In the trunk, agents found a remote control timing device, blasting caps and gasoline, Walton said. About a week or two after we left Oakland, Frank Ward along with a woman were gunned down in Berkeley, California." Well, to say the least, it was traumatic for me.

The agents also found about ,000 cash in the car and a book containing the names and addresses of "what appears to be every known major narcotics dealer in Detroit," Walton said. that appear to be surveillance reports on various individuals and . During a search of Campbell's two-story brick home, agents found another shotgun, three more revolvers and 44 pounds of marijuana, Walton said. District Court Magistrate Virginia Morgan on charges of illegally possessing weapons and possession with intent to distribute heroin. If convicted, Campbell faces a maximum sentence of 50 years. I was also living in a house on Queen Road (Hollywood Hills) that I couldn't afford by myself. I was in the process of putting a so-called friend (male) out of the house.

All that glitters isn't gold and a few of the Gabor's met a tragic end. She had been a premiere runway fashion model with a nationally known black fashion organization. " the giant Black bald headed trick moaned and groaned in sexual delight as he reached climax. The man who was the undisputed King of the Harlem Underworld. And from the looks of things, the 45-year-old man who was about to take his last breath.

She was tall and beautiful with a chocolate complexion and an model carriage. She gifted Jimi Starr with stacks of cash, Rolex watches and a countless number of diamond rings. "Baby, Mommy needs you to do her another little favor." "Mommy has some friends who want to meet you. In the supposed and anticipated secrecy of darkness and in the confines of Tee's small room, her mother and the two men performed circus acts and freak love. The trick's curiosity and excitement led him to turn the light on. “Bumpy,” Detective Philip Klieger yelled as he trotted alongside the gurney towing the bloodied half-conscious man, “You know you’re not going to make it.

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