Some updating commands could not be generated automatically

The same applies if the playlist contains further playlists (don't expect any reasonable behavior).

Passing a playlist file to mpv should work with this option, though. Play files according to a playlist file (Supports some common formats.

(This is a mess and should probably be changed at some point.) You can also write file-specific configuration files.

If you wish to have a configuration file for a file called 'video.avi', create a file named 'conf' with the file-specific options in it and put it in # normal top-level option fullscreen=yes # a profile that can be enabled with --profile=big-cache [big-cache] cache=123400 demuxer-readahead-secs=20 [slow] profile-desc="some profile name" # reference a builtin profile profile=opengl-hq [fast] vo=vdpau # using a profile again extends it [slow] framedrop=no # you can also include other profiles profile=big-cache will be saved in the working directory, using the first available number - no files will be overwritten.

Usage examples to get you started quickly can be found at the end of this man page. The suboption parser puts several options into a single string, and passes them to a component at once, instead of using multiple options on the level of the command line.

mpv has a fully configurable, command-driven control layer which allows you to control mpv using keyboard, mouse, or remote control (there is no LIRC support - configure remotes as input devices instead). The suboption parser can quote strings with to the command line (but without shell processing of the string).

For example, to avoid the need for filename escaping.Both libraries are developed in parallel, but libdvdnav is intended to support more sophisticated DVD features such as menus and multi-angle playback.mpv uses libdvdnav for files specified as either Note DVD subtitles DVDs use image-based subtitles.DVDs use ISO 639-1 two-letter language codes, Matroska, MPEG-TS and NUT use ISO 639-2 three-letter language codes, while OGM uses a free-form identifier.See also Specify a priority list of subtitle languages to use.

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For paths passed to suboptions, the situation is further complicated by the need to escape special characters.

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