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We have no epic literature, grand operas, or even a playlist full of Country and Western songs to give us a model of how to think, feel, and respond to an unfaithful Facebook partner.

“Your Cheating Status” will most likely never make it to the top of the Billboard charts.

Making matters worse was the ease with which the unfaithful partner could deny any wrongdoing as no physical evidence of the affair existed.

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of dealing with Facebook cheating is that this is such a recent phenomenon.

One advantage of using the website material as data is that the researchers were learning about real-life experiences from people’s actual lives.

So many times we see studies on relationships, including those that investigate the delicate issue of betrayal, that are based on the responses of undergraduate psychology students to fabricated scenarios (e.g.

The differences, and similarities, with other forms of cheating need to be understood and perhaps new models even created to understand this technological variant on a universal human theme.

If you’ve been a victim of Facebook cheating, this research has important implications for you. "Facebook infidelity: When poking becomes problematic." Contemporary Family Therapy: An International Journal 35(1): 74-90. Seems like more women looking to brand themselves as victims, demanding that they control everything...now, they control who you can email or whose page you can look at on FACebook?

Of course, people can be untruthful on the Internet as well as in the psychology lab, but by investigating this relatively large number of examples, the researchers had a better chance of tapping into the truth.

In comparison to the torrid clandestine letters and phone calls of the past, Facebook cheating has no boundaries, as it can leak out to anywhere that the Internet reaches.

Moreover, the shame and humiliation can be much more public, virally spreading out to a wide-ranging network of friends, co-workers, family members, and individuals in the same real or virtual communities.

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The authors also took steps to ensure that their own biases and backgrounds would not distort their ratings.

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